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Ripping Designs is a No-No by Metroid-Tamer Ripping Designs is a No-No by Metroid-Tamer
It's happened quite a few times before. I understand people like my stuff, but there's a very fine line between inspiration and copying.

My original characters (or so one thus far) and a bunch of fanbase OCs have been subject to copying.

Now I really understand some people aren't good with designs and will do searches and things for ideas, but when you do this, DON'T copy another person's character exactly or almost exactly. That's just taking credit for someone else's ideas right there. If you like something about the character just use it as inspiration! I mean you could do so much more with it to make it unique without making it look so obvious you copied something.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from this, so if you're a victim or support the idea people shouldn't directly rip something from your OC/any OC, then fave/use this if you want.
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August 7, 2009
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