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Master of the Dead by Metroid-Tamer Master of the Dead by Metroid-Tamer
EDIT: DONE. Also added more info.

New OC for RoD. Just...went with a pointy theme while keeping the usual fashion in mind for Necromancers in the story (IE: black/gray/red, belts, chainmail, etc). Nabbed ideas off other OCs of mine then twisted them to make the outfit. Also ran through a few fashion tags on tumblr to get ideas. The corset is an example of that (never going in that tag again *shudders*).

Meet Morgan, the Keeper of the Catacombs. To the Necromancers this place is as sacred as it gets. It's where the necromancers are born and where they end their mortal lives. Morgan's family has watched over the Catacombs for countless generations. The undead under her control are as old as the Necromancer community, having been there since they were established. Morgan is the defender of the Catacombs as well, so she acts as a sort of guardian while her undead maintain the place.

Like all necromancers, Morgan is trained to kill and work among the undead. She is as brutal as her fellow 'mancers. Morgan is an indifferent but fiercely loyal member of Death Vale. She answers directly to the Overlord, the only necromancer in Death Vale with higher authority than her. Morgan spends most of her time in Death Vale but has left it on occasion. The only time she leaves is when she is needed to attend a meeting the Overlord cannot make. This is because of her job and level of authority. Morgan's the best representative of her home besides the Overlord.

She disowned her family when she took control of their duties. As an only child she has no competition for her job. She is currently in a relationship and looking to start a family to keep her bloodline going.

Morgan, Rise of Darkness, and all material related (C) Me
Base found here: [link]
Crystal-Tears200 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
I love the corset and boots! The outfit design in general is very nice too. Overall I like how she looks. ^^ Great character design.
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