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-Insert Internal Screaming Here- by Metroid-Tamer -Insert Internal Screaming Here- by Metroid-Tamer
Your Grace...? YOUR GRACE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOUR GRACE?! <-- Talin's thoughts

Exploring the idea of how these two would interact led to this. Talin, as you can see, is not okay with the affection and just freaking out. He may not be an ideal sheikah and be kind of improper in comparison, but he'd feel all kinds of awkward with Zelda clinging to him. At least to start with.

In TLB's lore these two live in the same time and are around the same age. Zelda has an identity crisis and slips between Hylia and Zelda which kind of makes things difficult on her. She wants to live as Zelda but sees things as Hylia every so often. So it's a constant fight to find a balance. Talin would try and help her adjust and find that balance. Eventually also in TLB's lore, Zelda does develop magical capabilities. Or rather discovers she has them. Nothing strong, really, but it's there. And Talin's more powerful than the average sheikah in magic skill so he'd help her harness her abilities too. Of course both these things mean they'd be in frequent contact. Over time I imagine they'd be good friends and could develop into something more.

So yeah, Talin/Zelda may become canon. IDK, it's both fun and weird to me. I think I find it more fun because Talin would be freaking out a lot at first. He's kind of just amusing in general. But if this did become canon, it'd be my first legit OC/Canon where the canon is a woman. xD;

Also, everyone uses that one outfit of Zelda's from Hyrule Historia where she had the dark skirt and white shirt with the stomach wrap. Honestly, I find this pink one cuter. Pink really fits SS!Zelda, imo. <3

And because I'm sure SOMEONE will have to bite my hand about shipping wars: I'm sorry, I don't ship ZeLink. The fandom really hurt me way back when and I just don't see the pairing as something that fits my tastes now. Keep your opinions to yourself if you're going to say anything relating to shipping wars. I'm through with shipping wars.

Talin (C) Me
Zelda and the Legend of Zelda (C) Nintendo
Base was saved a long time ago. SerenaMidori made it, but it's no longer on her dA.
Oomsda Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha so cute! Poor Talin, but you got the expression of internal screaming dead on!

Shipping wars be damned this is adorable! :heart:
luigirules64 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh god the look on Talin's face is priceless I think i'm gonna scream. Perfect embodiment of internal freakout. I wonder how he's taking it. xD
T-S-Elio Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student Writer
Really the moral of the story is what kid!Zane, kid!Chris, and Alden preach: COOTIES. Get away quick Talin XD
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