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Hangin' Around by Metroid-Tamer Hangin' Around by Metroid-Tamer
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Oh, you know, just hangin' around."

A part of an upcoming project I'm doing. Trying to get used to dolling without a mouse pad because I still can't find mine and we can't afford to spend money on anything that's not a necessity... But yeah, this turned out better than I expected and I liked it too much to wait to post it.

For those unaware, my OC Natalia was based off my personal Fem!Shep in my Mass Effect games. That's why she's dressed in the N7 Hoodie outfit. I also think she'd be the most annoying Shepard ever because no one will ever figure her out. MANY TRY BUT THEY FAIL. It's a wonder how she's respected when she trolls everyone, cracks off jokes 80% of the time, and doesn't seem to take things seriously. She truly lives by her saying of, "Got to have fun where and when you can!" Despite her odd personality she is quite a caring person as seen in how she treats (most) of her crew. She's a bit of a bitch and can be harsh too, therefore ending up being half paragon and half renegade for it. Also is good socially and knows what to say and when... Which ends up being incredibly useful for her.

So it's not really OOC for Natalia to fool around and make bad jokes. As you can see Anthea's not happy Natalia is hanging off her, using her levitation ability to also float around. Knowing Natalia she'd just say that even if she is a biotic, she can't float like Anthea can and she wanted to see what it was like. Anthea would warp and let Natalia fall though. HOW NICE.

Anthea and Natalia (C) Me
Legend of Zelda (C) Nintendo
Mass Effect (C) BioWare
Base by ~SelfishBlood
Luifex Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
hehe ur little comment under this is jokes XD
seen the whole project under work and its coming out nicely!! seriously cant wait for this to be done *w*
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May 22, 2012
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