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October 2, 2010
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Don't Forget by Metroid-Tamer Don't Forget by Metroid-Tamer
...who you are!

Stamp for the crack kid OC. Matt's still pretty new as an OC (crack or not), so for those who don't know him he's Sammie's little half brother (younger by a year). His parents are Salina Aran and Adam Malkovich. No, his parents are NOT a real pairing. They barely even work as a crack pairing... Matt's two years old and can't speak right just yet (IE: can't pronounce Rs yet). Very loving kid when he wants to be, social, and playful. His favorite phrase is, "You forget who you are!" and he often steals things from you if he's not throwing a toy badge in your direction/at you. xD But yeah, despite his heritage, Sal' takes really good care of Matt in my mind, and he's usually with Sammie who's often playing with him and Aidi. Aidi acts as Matt and Sammie's caretaker and entertainment source during the day when the other OCs are busy.

SO YEAH. Impulsive stamp is impulsive. I wanted to make this so I could use it. >3>

Matt Malkovich (C) Me
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Aquos4 Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
This is so CUTE
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