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Back to Back by Metroid-Tamer Back to Back by Metroid-Tamer
EDIT: Redid the hair as it was bothering me. Also made a few tweaks to the eyes. /EDIT

Doll done on Livestream today. It's been a while since I dolled the twins together, and I felt like doing so today.

EotP's set to resume very soon. I'm working on my sci-fi story more because I have the inspiration to. With that story it comes and goes, and I learned that if I don't take advantage of the inspiration, then I'll never get anywhere, because forcing myself to work on something (especially an original story) really hurts it.

I guess this is a sort of story art doll. You know, how people will post cover art for chapters and what not with their stories. I can't do that, so I guess dolls are as good as I get with that topic. Recently in the story the Aran twins were able to spend time together, though only a few moments, but it showed that they still cared and were glad to be officially reunited after growing up apart like they did.

Anyway, EotP will be updated within the coming week. :) Enjoy this doll until then.

Salina Aran (C) Me
Samus Aran (C) Nintendo
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MetroidMaker Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Student
I'm digging this one.
lumaluna101 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
Love it! ~^^
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June 17, 2010
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